Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Hunter Tips and Tricks (Part 2)


By popular demand, its time for part two of my random hunter tips and tricks series! In case you missed it, you can find part one HERE!

I’ll just jump into then, because I'm pretty sure you dont want to hear about my lamentations about how Blizzard hates hunters. (If you do want to read my problems with the state of the hunter class, you can find my post on the official forums here.)

Vs. Warriors
  1. Warriors cant charge you if you are in Camouflage.
  2.   If you cant avoid a warrior charge, and the warrior has no DoTs on him, lay a freezing trap instead of an Ice Trap, and let him charge you. Then simply walk away from him and start laying in to him.
    1.  If the warrior trinkets your trap, IMMEDIATELY Scattershot him, and Master’s Call if you get Hamstrung, then run directly away. Once you’ve built some distance, keep Concussive Shot up and take him down.
  3.  Glyph of Raptor Strike will save your life.
  4. Always have some sort of movement impairing effect on a warrior. Don’t let them fall off! This is imperative.
  5.   If a warrior gets within about 20 yards of you, he can slow you with Piercing Howl! If you think he’s getting too close, don’t be afraid to preemptively disengage.
  6. If you escape from a warrior just after he charges you, be ready for Heroic Leap! Start running a direction, and as soon as you see him blast off for the leap, immediately change direction.
  7. If the warrior is Fury, its worth trinketing his first intercept. It will force him to blow a cooldown to refresh Intercept, and the stuns will still be on DR. (You should almost never do this in the arena!)
  8. You may be temporarily immobilized after Throwdown, but if you trinket it, you can still perform actions! Try trinketing Throwdown and instantly Scattershotting. Then, Master’s Call/Disengage and get the hell out of there!
  9.  Remember that Snake Trap procs Entrapment, and some of the snakes spit Crippling Poison. At the very least, you’ll get an immobilize out of this cooldown.
  10.  Keep Warriors fully dispelled using Tranquilizing Shot whenever possible. One of their major DPS cooldowns is dispellable! (Death Wish)
  11.  If a warrior suddenly starts regenerating health extremely quickly, they just used Enraged Regeneration! Don’t panic, it only lasts 10 seconds, keep your kite pattern tight.
  12.  Its almost always impossible to have the chance to hard cast Aimed Shot on Warriors. Its usually best to just continue kiting, unless you have them immobilized via an effect such as Spider Web or Entrapment.
  13. Warriors have a dead zone for charge! If they are standing in the center of an Ice Trap, and you are on the edge, they cannot charge you! Learn this distance well, and warriors will have a hard time staying on you.
  14. Look for the signs that a warrior is getting ready to charge you again. Most warriors will run away from you for a moment to build up the distance for a charge. Be ready to jump it!
  15.  Jumping or Disengaging a Charge/Intercept will win you games! This occurs when you jump/disengage at the same moment that a warrior begins the charge. You will be flying through the air, stunned, and the warrior will be standing where you were before you jumped! The only way to learn this is through practice.

Vs. Warlocks

1.       Save Feign Death for when the Warlock is charging a fear up. Do everything in your power to prevent him from fearing you!
2.       Warlock is just about the worst class you could try to fight. Don’t get discouraged, they are one of the strongest counters to our class.
3.       Get out of Hand of Guldan (purple circle on the ground) as soon as you can move. Its sometimes a good idea to Master’s Call out of it to prevent you getting stunned.
4.       Its unlikely you will be able to hardcast an Aimed Shot on a warlock. They will almost always Death Coil you out of it, and if not, they can cast fear and finish it before Aimed Shot is done!
5.       Don’t bother trapping Warlock pets unless the Warlock is taking absolutely ZERO damage. Soul Link will break them out of it immediately.
6.       Snake Traps are very effective vs. Warlocks. It applies Mind Numbing poison to them, slowing their casting speeds by 30%. Using it on their pet is also effective, the snakes will usually spray poison on the Warlock in addition to the pet.
7.       Lay the pressure on hard, and if the Warlock tries to spam Drain Life and tank you, interrupt it and try to get him in Killshot range.
8.       If you are not encountering the warlock in the arena, blow ALL of your DPS cooldowns as soon as you engage. Your best chance at winning is before he can really set up on you.
9.       Don’t be afraid to Scattershot to interrupt fears! You will almost certainly lose if you get feared.

Vs. Hunters
  1.   Remember, Hunter is the class you know best. Anything you can do, he can also do.
  2. The enemy Hunter will frequently try to Feign Death your casts. Be ready to reaquire him as soon as possible! Enemy health bars enabled may help you in this.
  3. Do not let a hardcasted Aimed Shot land on you, no matter what. Feign Death, monkey stun, Scattershot, and a preemptive Deterrence are all effective means at stopping the damage from Aimed Shot.
  4. If the Hunter just Feign Deathed, hardcast Aimed Shot on him. Remember, you are better than they are, they will nearly always just take it in the face. If not, you will at least force a defensive cooldown out of them.
  5.  If you have a pet intervene, this is also an effective way of stopping an Aimed Shot if timed correctly.
  6. If a Hunter is using Camouflage, you can flare him out of it
  7. Trapping the Hunter’s pet is HIGHLY recommended!
  8.  Stay moving. There is no reason to turret out vs. another Hunter.
  9. If the Hunter Disengages, turn around and Disengage after them! Don’t let them get away.
  10. Keep Serpent Sting up. Every Point of damage counts.
  11.  Don’t blow your cooldowns against a hunter until AFTER Deterrence. If he Readinesses, so much the better.
  12. Silencing Shot is an effective way of stopping damage against Beast Mastery hunters. Use it when they use Beastial Wrath and they will be unable to Kill Command while silenced. It may be worth following this up with a Deterrence, as Beastial Wrath is a very dangerous cooldown.
  13. If you are planning on Feign Deathing soon, and the enemy pet is on you, drop a Snake Trap. Once the snakes are out, Feign Death. If the enemy is using Enemy health bars, the snake health bars will cover yours up for a short time, buying you a few seconds before he re-acquires you.
  14. You can Multi-Shot snakes. Explosive Trap works too.
  15.  I’ve found its not worth being overly defensive against other Hunters. Just lay it on thick, remember in 1v1 situations, whoever puts out the most damage faster is going to win every time.
  16.  Macroing “petattack” into Steady or Cobra Shot is very useful against other Hunters. Their pets will frequently growl your pet, stopping some of your damage against the other Hunter!
 Sorry I dont have more against Warlocks...and sorry some of my formatting is a bit funky, I wrote this in Word and copy/pasted it, so it may have come out a little wonky.

In the coming days, look forward to part 3 of my Random Hunter Tips and Tricks series!

Have a trick to share? The comment section is below!

Until then,
Happy Hunting.


  1. this is the best guide for people who are hunters!

  2. I loled at vs. hunters number 4 :)

    Assuming the lock survives your initial cooldowns, is it ever worth tranqing them?

  3. Looking for the email link. Would like to write you.

  4. Hey, I added some contact info on the right side.

  5. Good stuff, also: Vs warriors: you can outrange their charge if you keep and slowed and shoot at max range.

    Vs warlocks: 75% of warlocks will death coil after a silence shot. (not recomended doing if you're not MM)

    Vs hunters: A tactic that i've found thats working quite decently is to deadzone him and just jump out to shoot him, this will make most hunters panic and blow cooldowns.