Sunday, February 6, 2011

Random Hunter Tips and Tricks (Part 1)


Due to a lack of screenshots, I have to delay the article that I really want to write. Bummer. But, I think it would be valuable to post some random tips and tricks that I've learned through playing in over 2500 arena matches, but dont warrant their own posts. 

I'll sort it out so its easier to look through.

Vs. Mages:
  1. In duels, most Mages will nearly always open with a deep freeze on you. Don't trinket it if you have access to Roar of Sacrifice. Instead, blow RoS and wait it out! This way you can trinket their second deep freeze later in the duel.
  2. If a Mage is hugging you and stopping your damage, dont be afraid to drop traps or scatter him to disrupt him to buy some time until Disengage or Master's Call are available again.
  3. Scattershot and Wyvern Sting are valuable interrupts vs. Mages in duels.
  4. If a Mage Iceblocks during a duel, spam Cobra Shot on his pet to boost your focus while you wait it out. He may decide to break his block early to stop this!
  5. Don't forget to Hunter's Mark mages, this will allow you to see them if they go invisible.
  6. If possible, always Tranq Shot off all of the Mage's buffs before starting hard damage. They are all very useful to him.
  7. Throw a Snake Trap at his Mirror Images then Feign Death. Unless the Mage is using certain macros, this will force the images to attack the snakes, stopping some damage on you. Be sure to wait for a moment for the snakes to start attacking the images before FDing.
  8. Feign Death is a valuable ability to use if your pet is attacking the Mage. If you feel like he's about to Deep Freeze you, if you time your FD correctly, he should drop target on you and immediately switch to your pet. If he isnt paying attention, he will waste his Deep Freeze on your pet!
  9. If a Mage is hugging you, Glyph of Raptor Strike will save your life.
  10. Dont be afraid to Wing Clip Mages when they come too close.
  11. If you hear the sound of a Mage Blinking, sometimes it takes a second for him to appear at his destination. Its the same distance every time, so always be trying to juke his blink. If successful, you could make the Mage waste CoC or Frost Nova, which is very good for you.
  12. Remember that breaking Ice Barrier will cause a Frost Nova! Be ready for it!
Vs. Rogues
  1. ALWAYS Flare if it is available in the following situations: 
    1. The Rogue just Vanished or stealthed, try to throw it just in front of the direction he was running.
    2. You just cast Deterrence, throw it on your location (Not necessary after patch)
    3. The Rogue dropped a Smoke Bomb. Flare his location.
    4. The Rogue is hidden in stealth or hasn't opened yet. Flare a random location then stand near it if you didn't get the Rogue out.
    5. The Rogue just used Cloak of Shadows. Flare the location he is running toward.
    6. You trapped a Rogue successfully. Flare the trap. (The Rogue may leave combat while in the trap, and will just stealth normally.)
  2. If a Rogue uses Combat Readiness, try as hard as possible to stop all non-DoT damage on the rogue. Hits refresh the effect up to 30 seconds, but if the Rogue doesn't take direct damage for 6 seconds, the effect is canceled.
  3. If a Rogue uses Cloak of Shadows to attempt to Vanish, spam Hunter's Mark or Serpent Sting on him.
  4. Once you are away from a Rogue and no longer have Crippling Poison on you, do everything in your power to prevent the rogue from landing a hit on you. Rogues are very kite-able without Crippling Poison to slow you.
  5. Snake Traps are a Rogue's worst nightmare, especially if you are specced into Entrapment (you should be).
  6. If available, Disengage/Master's Call AFTER the Rogue Shadowsteps, if he is Subtlety. Combine with Snake Trap/Freezing Trap for extra fun.
  7. Glyph of Raptor Strike will save your life.
  8. In duels, don't trinket Cheap Shot/Kidney Shot unless you have a DoT on you. The Rogue will almost always Blind you and restealth for another opener. This is bad.
  9. Never let a Rogue reset!
  10. Get out of Smoke Bombs as soon as possible!
  11. Rogues can't open on you if you are using Camouflage.
Vs. Death Knights
  1. Never Disengage unless the DK's Death Grip is down, unless you have Master's Call. Even then, its not a good idea.
  2. If you do Disengage when Death Grip is up, and your pet is attacking the DK, Feign Death as soon as possible. The DK will drop his target and automatically target your pet, and he may waste his Death Grip on your pet! (Note: I've gotten DKs to do this even in very high rated arenas)
  3. Snake/Ice Traps are your best friends. Also consider Freezing Trapping the DK's pet, if he is Unholy. Unholy Ghouls do a ton of damage, especially when empowered!
  4. If you are Survival and the DK uses Anti Magic Shell, STOP all damage on the DK. Cobra the pet instead, you will feed the DK massive Runic Power if you attack him.
  5. Glyph of Raptor Strike will save your life.
  6. Any time the DK gets you in melee range, make sure to keep him Wing Clipped. Also, you sometimes can still cast shots at him, even if he is very close. Use this to your advantage!
  7. Abuse line of sight and traps vs. DKs! If they don't have Death Grip, you can play LOS games with a DK and possibly make him switch targets if you are doing a good job of kiting.
  8. If you always Disengage Death Grip, you will always have Disengage available for the next Death Grip.
Thats all for now. I'll be doing more of these from time to time, but my next post will be about how to Disengage like the pros! Look forward to it!

Happy Hunting.


  1. I can't wait to try some of these tips out.

  2. nice tips this will definitely help alot of people

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  3. awesome, keep these coming please! :)

  4. Great stuff, also VS mages:

    Open with a scatter + trap and spamm tranq shot to get his shields off is also a good idea, this way he's open to hunter damage from the start ;)