Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hunter Tips and Tricks Part 4


So yeah, I have been extremely unmotivated to make a new post recently. I've been very busy with classes recently, and I just transferred servers to have one of my new teammates quit the game. Fun.

Ugh, how do you play this game again? I better go read Part 3 right now to refresh myself! See what I did there?

On with the show, I suppose.

Vs. Druids

Vs. Ferals
  1. Ferals can now be rooted! Spam traps at them.
  2. If you are tracking Hidden, which you should be at all times, you will almost always see a feral before they can open on you, especially if you're in camo.
  3. Glyph of Raptor Strike will save your life.
  4. Trinket pounce instantly. 
    1. If they chose not to pounce, they will be either cycloning you, or using their other stun on you (Ravage?). Trinket whichever hits you and get ready to bring the pain.
  5. Keep them tranqed, especially if they have no backup. Savage roar is a finisher they have that boosts their auto attack damage, and its tranqable! Get rid of it!
  6. When tranqing a feral, theres a high chance that you'll get rid of their instant cast proc. Many ferals wont realize this and will shift out trying to cyclone or roots, and it will fail.
  7. Never stop moving. They have a slow that applies automatically and they move 30% faster at all times. 
  8. Disengage after feral charge immediately. Try to save it for feral charge.
  9. Frost trap>Master's Call will nearly always give you seperation and force a feral charge. If you're lucky, you'll still have master's call up when they feral charge, and you'll be able to disengage away before they can slow you.
  10. Many ferals will follow a disengaged feral charge with skull bash to close the gap. If your pet is attacking them, you can counter this by feign deathing immediately after disengaging. They will drop target, and if they aren't very good, they'll skull bash your pet, similar to DK's Death Grip.
  11. If there are other targets, switch away from the feral when he ducks in to bear form. Just keep an eye on him, and when he switches back into cat, wreck him.
  12. Keep traps up, keep the pressure on, and you should have good odds against even very skilled ferals.
Vs. Resto
  1. Do your best to not attack resto druids... they are nearly impossible for you to kill.
  2. Save your interrupt for their CCs when applicable.
  3. Don't let them roots you if you can help it. FD it when possible.
  4. If you have a partner, it may be more worthwhile to spam tranq them to keep the hots off, forcing them to use more global cooldowns reapplying them.
  5. They are still trappable when in tree form
  6. If you can, just switch off a druid when he is in tree form. They are basically unkillable by yourself when in this form. Badly geared players are always the exception for these sorts of tips.
  7. Make sure to get MOTW off before trying to trap. Good druids will reapply it, but it can cause trap to be resisted for some insane reason.
Vs. Boomkins
  1. hahahahahaha
  2. I mean, prioritize interrupting starsurge over anything else. It hits for insane damage.
  3. Tranq off MOTW, but don't worry too much about the rest of their procs.
  4. Moonkin have no defensive cooldowns, so just kill them.
  5. Just kill them.
  6. Uh... just kill them.
  7. I've never seen a boonkin in 3s in this entire season. If I did, my strategy for that team would be to just kill the boomkin.

This is all for now. Hope this helps.


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